fidesco-benoitdemangecameroun-fidescoFidesco is an international Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that recruits and trains volunteers before sending them for one or two year missions to underserved areas of the world. The volunteers make their professional skills available to the needy through humanitarian and development projects. Fidesco aims at the full development of all human beings without regard to religion, ethnic or cultural differences.

Fidesco has a strong international presence through local partnerships in 35 countries and 11 representative offices. Since its inception in 1981, Fidesco has sent over 1,300 volunteers. Currently, the organization has over 180 volunteers in 35 countries.

Fidesco unites faith and action. Without action, our faith will be angel-ism. Without faith, action is simply solidarity. Charity unites the two. This is the road map that Pope Benedict XVI has given to Fidesco and the Emmanuel Community in Rome on February 3, 2011, “May the glow of your love be a strength to build a more just and fraternal world.”