Daughters of the King gather in Lysterfield!

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On the 27-28 October we held the Emmanuel women’s retreat in Lysterfield, Victoria. The theme was “Daughters of the King- Perhaps this is the moment for which we are created.” (Esther 4:14).  75 beautiful women were present (40 non-Emmanuel) and the talks focused on what being daughters of the king means, obstacles to knowing this and ways to live this out in authentic femininity. Jam packed with silent adoration, confession, joyful meals, Mass, a mercy night and praise, the retreat was evidently a highly fruitful, touching and healing weekend for many. Personally, I received a deeper passion to be a mother and start a family, and really desired for the first time to live deeply my femininity. I also felt encouraged to recognise my gifts and use them in my life, and was generally spiritually refreshed. I’m already looking forward to next year’s retreat!

Phoebe Lawrence

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Laurent Landete appointed as member of dicastery for laity, the family and faith.

On October 6, 2018 the Vatican announced the new members of the dicastery (minister) for laity, the family and faith. Among the members, Pope Francis named Laurent Landete, former consultor of the Pontifical Council for the Laity and former international moderator of the Emmanuel Community.

The Dicastery promotes pastoral ministries and apostolates aimed at supporting families and the defense of human life. It has a strong attention to youth and young adult ministry and marriage. Further the dicastery has the direct responsibility for promoting a reflection on the role of youth and women in the church and for supporting marriage preparation programs and church outreach.

Along with priests, other lay people appointed as members at the same time as Dr Landete were:
Dr. Roberto Fontolan, director of  International Centre of Communion and Liberation, Italy
Dr. Moysés Louro de Azevedo Filho, founder of  Shalom Catholic Community, Brazil
Professor Marco Impagliazzo, president of the Sant’Egidio Community, Italy
Dr. Geneviève Amélie Mathilde Sanze of the General Council of the Focolare Movement, Central Africa
Dr. Manfred Lutz, from the Alexanier Infirmary Hospital of Cologne, Germany
Professor Robert Cheaib, from the Pontifical Gregorian University, Lebanon
Professor Laura Palazzani, lecturer at Libera Università Maria Santissima Assunta, Italy
Professor Helen M. Alvare, lecturer at the George Mason University School of Law, USA
Professor Franco Nembrini, author of educational programmes for young people, Italy
Dr. Javier Borrego Borrego, state attorney at the Court of Auditors of Madrid, Spain
Piotr and Aleksandra Brzemia Bonarek, lecturers in Krakow, Poland
Daniel and Shelley Ee, heads of the International Ecclesial Team of the Worldwide Marriage Encounter movement, Singapore
Luis Jensen and Pilar Escudero de Jensen of the Institute of Schoenstatt Families, Chile



New Leaders for Melbourne Community

Philippe and Florence de Boisredon, Delegates for the Moderator have announced a change in the leadership for the Community in Melbourne. Over the weekend we were told the good news that Jay and Annaliese Ros are to be the new Leaders. Having been involved in Youth Ministry for many years they were asked by the Delegates for the Moderator and have accepted this new role.

We are grateful to Justin and Kate Duckett for their leadership and commitment to the Melbourne community and making it thrive.
“They have given a lot of their time, of their energy, of their fraternal care to lead the community. We give thanks for their service all along those years. We give thanks for the testimony they gave us which strengthen us to believe that in any circumstances the Lord is with us, In pain and joy and In your name we thank them for their availability through their consecration to the Heart of Jesus and their faithfulness. Thank you to their children as well!” – Philippe & Florence

New Emmanuel Community Moderator and Council elected

From Sunday 22nd July until Friday 27th July, the college of 157 members of the Emmanuel Community met at Notre-Dame de l’Ouÿe (France) for 6 days of prayer, exchanges, discernment and for the election. These members were asked to elect for a period of 5 years a new International Council of the Emmanuel Community and a new Moderator General. The elections have taken place in the presence of father Frédéric Louzeau who represented the archbishop of Paris ; Monsignor Michel Aupetit, ecclesiastical assistant to the Emmanuel Community.

Michel-Bernard and Catherine de VregilleWhile waiting for confirmation by the Dicastery for Lay People, Family and Life, Michel-Bernard de Vregille has been elected Moderator General of the Emmanuel Community.

Michel-Bernard de Vregille is married to Catherine, is 57 years old and father of 6 children. He has been living in-Ile-Bouchard for 20 years. After 13 years in the retail industry and 18 years in logistics, he has been in charge of the Community in France for the last 4 years.

International Council MembersThe 15 elected members of the International Council are: Laurent Albisetti(married, Canada), Nestor Attomatoun (priest, Bénin), Marc Benoit (married, France), José-Mario Brasiliense (married, Basil), Faustine Carron (married, France), Jean-Régis Catta (married, France), Marie-Pierre Dabadie (single, France), Martin Fenkart (married, Austria), Pierre-Yves Gomez (lay man committed in celibacy, France), Pavel Kalcik (married, Czech Republic), Albert Kayigumire (married, Ruanda), Jocelyn Martin (lay woman committed in celibacy, Philippines), Otto Neubauer (married, Austria), Gabriel Priou (priest, France), Myriam Terlinden (married, Belgium).

This week has been a particularly intense time of prayer and sharing. We thank God for this election, which took place according to the new Statutes of the Association of the Faithful in the Emmanuel Community, approved by the Holy See in 2017 following the creation of the Clerical Association of the Emmanuel Community. The new Council and the new Moderator ask for the prayers of all the friends of the Emmanuel Community.

Pentecost Retreat

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 It was a cold autumn day at St Joseph Conference Centre in Bringelly, South-West of Sydney. A group consisting of over 50 people from the Emmanuel community and guests grouped to prepare for Pentecost, appropriately themed ‘With Mary in the Upper Room.’

The theme was based on a bible passage (Acts 1:13-15) where Mary stood with the apostles during Pentecost:

When they entered the city they went to the upper room where they were staying, Peter and John and James and Andrew, Philip and Thomas, Bartholomew and Matthew, James son of Alphaeus, Simon the Zealot, and Judas son of James. All these devoted themselves with one accord to prayer, together with some women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and his brothers….

On the eve of Pentecost or the first day of the retreat, there was plenty of food. This is typical of any Emmanuel community-centred event where cake, fabulous company and opportunities to learn and reflect on our spiritual life was in abundance.

Mary MacGregor’s talk reminded us of Mary’s presence in key decisive moments – Incarnation, Cruxifixon and  Pentecost. John Collins talk on the ‘Charisms of the Holy Spirit’ was light-hearted and explored the many gifts of the Holy Spirit that is freely offered to all of us.

The rest of the first day set the scene and created a disposition of hope on that eve of Pentecost, where we waited for the coming of the Holy Spirit.

There was opportunity to learn more about the gift of tongues from Peter McGregor’s talk. For those who wished to know more about this gift, there was opportunity to learn from those who were using this gift.

When we were praying over each other, some received various spiritual gifts for the first time while others opened their hearts to invite the Holy Spirit to actively fill their lives. Some sensed definite things while others will wait to see the fruit of the Holy Spirit in their lives in the coming weeks and months.

When I asked for feedback on day 1, a participant said “We are expecting great things of the coming of the Holy Spirit.”

Another participant was going through a tumultuous health journey and found the retreat ‘the icing on the cake.’ The words received when she was being prayed with was healing, and reminded her to praise the Lord, no matter what.

The final day was punctuated with a panel of testimonies, reminding the work that the Holy Spirit is doing in our lives, mass and how He continues to work.

It was a retreat that definitely celebrated one of the lesser talked about member of the Holy Trinity.

Finally, 2 first-time retreaters summed up the whole weekend beautifully:

“I’ve been to many retreats but this is one where I really felt the Holy Spirit.”

“The presence of the Holy Spirit was overwhelming. On Saturday night, I had the feeling that we were in the Upper Room, receiving the Holy Spirit. During the retreat I was able to pray for the first time, in tongues, from my heart.”